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This club is dead.
Current Residence: Cross Academy
Favourite cartoon character: Zero, Yuki, Kaname, Aido and the rest of the Vampire Kinght cast
Welcome to Cross Academy...

Vampires have warred with humans for centuries, though the existence of vampires, and the war itself, are kept secret from most humans. However, at Cross Academy we intend to build the bridge from our world to theirs. Our campus currently has two classes, the Day Class, full of humans and Night Class, made up entirely by vampires. Although the Day Class is unaware of the fact the night class is made up of Vampires, we intend to slowly change this, slowly letting the more trustworthy Day Class members in on our secret.

After an overwhelming amount enrollment application came in, Headmaster Cross decided he had to either expand the current academy, hire more teachers or make a new academy. He decided on making a second Cross Academy. After much deliberation, he decided on sending Minato, a fairly competent day class student who wasn't overly concerned with the night class. After explaining to her about the existence of vampires, Headmaster Cross introduced her to Sakura, a pure blood vampire. After a bit of questioning, Minato decided to accompany Sakura to the new Academy as presidents of their respected classes.

Okay, we are now enrolling students. Head on over to the rules and enrollment page for more details on how to join. We hope to see you soon.

:rose:To Enroll (in a nutshell):rose:

We would be honoured if you wanted to enroll in our academy, however, we have some protocols about joining
  • read the rules
    • send us your character name and info. We would also like a character sheet as soon as you could get one done. Preferably within a week of joining so we can put you on the student list.
      • No same names. Its a first come first serve basis. If someone has their character sheet done before you and they had also used the name you wanted, they get it. Sorry.
        • If you want to join the day class, use day class somewhere in the subject. If you want to join the night class, use night class in the subject.
          • Please mention longcat somewhere in your note. If you don't, we won't accept you in.

In this club we live in a separate academy from the one in the manga. None of the actually characters exist in our school. For the sake of argument, they don't exist. Although this may change down the road, we discourage any ties with canon characters.


:new: Stuff

:bulletred: Day Class
:iconnehirium: :iconkandymunchermimi:  

:bulletred: Night Class
:icondeatheatersombra: :iconkawaii-kakari: :icontwilightvampire1: :iconneo-solaris: :iconyukitakunichan: :iconbxybii9: :icon0chibi-chan0: :iconmichiyo-fujiwara: :iconamanitaverosa: :icontikaani786: :new: :icondgm-lavi137: :new:

:bulletred: Faculty

:bulletred: No Class
:iconplatinum15: :iconnuisance15:

:bulletblue: Affiliates
:iconvk-crossacademy: :iconzero-x-yuki-club: :iconzero-x-yuuki: :iconvampire-knight-club:  :iconcross-academia: :icondeath-note-fans: :iconsenri-x-rima: :iconkaname-x-zero: :iconkaname-x-yuuki: :iconkaname-x-takuma: :iconharuka-x-juuri: :iconkain-x-aido: :iconkaname-x-aido: :iconzero-x-ichiru: :new: :iconavampiresknightclub: :iconyuuki-cross-fans: :new:

Rules and Enrollment
Student List
Submitting Art


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KuranYuukiHime Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
can i join in night class ?
Is this club really dead ?
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can i join?
YukiTakuniChan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
haa we done anythng new lately
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can i join plz?
night class
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can i join-desu?
blackrose8009 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I want to join i sent the note with all my info, i hope cross academy and the other night class students as well as the day class students treat me well *bows*
Final-Fantasy-Type Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
"Would you like to be affiliates?"
Tikaani786 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
Plz Can I join??
Cross-Academy Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
Sure :] just send a note to the club and let us know which class you would like to be in
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